Irony is… People nowadays don’t understand simple straight sentences but twisted poetries..

Don’t just listen to me.

If you say you love me

And that I am your paramount pigeon,

then don’t just listen to me when I say

that the coffee doesn’t keep me awake anymore;

that the books don’t give me an escape anymore;

that the clouds don’t make funny shapes anymore;

that the tree doesn’t cast cozy shade anymore;

that the birds don’t sound like music anymore;

that the music doesn’t shut the world out anymore;

that the stars don’t shine for me anymore;

that the sun doesn’t kill my darkness anymore;

that my pillow is soaking wet from the rain that doesn’t pour from the sky anymore but my eyes,

and that you are not you anymore who did understand my cries.

Because you might look for reasons everywhere in me

when I will lay there in front of you

bereft of life yet trying to confabulate.

To make you see the light and realize

that if only you embraced me a little better,

endeavored a little harder,

rather felt than merely heard,

you could have saved my life.

So darling, Don’t just listen to me.

Muck in!

Vidisha Gupta


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